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Wall and floor safes are designed to provide hidden protection for handguns, documents, and other valuables. They are designed for easy installation within the walls and floors of your home or office. If you are in need of a secure safe that won't take up your valuable floor space a hidden wall safe or a floor safe will be your best option. We carry fire resistant wall and floor safes that offer the maximum level of security. The great thing about these safes is that they have the opportunity most other safes do not, the ability to be hidden. You can hide these great safes behind picture frames, in the floor, or even a bedside table.

Remember that your likely hood of having your identity, weapons, or valuable documents being stolen and used in other crimes is significantly lower when they are protected in a secure safe.


Mesa Adjustable Wall Safe

MAWS2113E - Mesa Adjustable Wall Safe


Sentry Safe 7150 Wall Safe

7150 - Sentry Safe 7150 Wall Safe


Sentry Safe 370291 Floor Safe Combination Lock 0.3 Cu Ft

7250 - Sentry Safe 370291 Floor Safe Combination Lock 0.3 Cu Ft


   Hidden wall safes are definitely not just weapons and ammunition as some people think. Valuable documents, cash, jewelry, and other data can be held safe and secure in your walls. Many wall safes even have adjustable shelves for keeping items organized.

In order to protect their family, many people are turning to keeping fire arms. Remember that owning a weapon is your constitutional right, however it is your responsibility to keep your firearms safe.

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