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Protect important files, records, and other documents with one of our durable fireproof file cabinets. An essential for the home or office. Fireproof file cabinets offer a premium organization tool, but have the added bonus of keeping your items and documents secure and undamaged in the event of a fire. Our wide assortment of SentrySafe fire safe file cabinets includes heavy-duty lateral fireproof file cabinets and vertical fireproof file cabinets so you can find the right safe to keep your valuables safe and secure.
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Digital Media Data Safes
SentrySafe is the top of the line manufacturer when it comes to innovative products designed to protect digital media documents. Media and data safes protect a wide variety of storage devices from hard drives and memory sticks, to flash drives, digital cameras and magnetic tapes from fires or other natural disasters. Several of our models even have USB ports that allow you to keep your digital media protected from fire or water damage all the while allowing you to remain connected to a computer or laptop.



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